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Idle Hands are a Devil’s Playthings/Mom’s Spaghetti - August 14th

I am restarting this blog for my “at home adventures” of what I am learning during this in between period/transition/brief moment in my life where I have the time to continue to be creative and allow myself to have a platform to dump my thoughts and speak about my daily shenanigans.  Above all else, this is for me to be more reflective and learn something about myself.


1.) I have a lot of free time to watch a lot of tv. So many shows that I am falling in love with and in the coming days I will definitely dissect them and start rating my experiences while watching them.  There is one show in particular that has caught my attention but i’ll explain more at the end of this post.

2.)I got hives today.  And I am currently typing with one hand so I am able to scratch with the other.  It is almost unbearable and this brings me to the cause of my problems.

3.) Mom’s spaghetti.  A damn Eminem song has been my downfall for today.  Once upon a time this song actually brought me great fortune and won me a free pizza. (Picture seen below)


But that is for a another time I suppose.  The current situation at hand is that I am unbearably itchy and the take away from this is that I never realize how good I have it until it all turns to complete shit.  In this particular instance I am talking about my health.  I didn’t notice how un-itchy I was… until I was itchy.  Circular thinking, yes, but bear with me.  I mean I bit my cheek two or three times in a row the other day and developed painful sores in my mouth that stripped away my ability to masticate properly, thus giving me much trouble in enjoying my food. What I am trying to get at without being so verbose is that we have brief but pleasant moments in which we reach homeostasis.  Enjoy those times because sooner or later age and accidents will catch up to you.  It is a brilliant lesson to relearn and it is a simple one that I am currently learning as skin flakes start to drop all over my keyboard.

Appreciate your health.  In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, he places health at the bottom of the pyramid in saying that we need it to be happy and without it, we can never really reach our full potential of said happiness.

So remember boys and girls, appreciate your health because it’s important…

WIFI - basic human needs pyramide

But appreciate it with a good wifi signal because let’s face it, life would be much more intolerable if we didn’t have internet to make all our troubles go away.  This brings me to my last point.

3.) Wifi has brought to my attention one of the greatest shows I have had the pleasure of watching these past couple of days.  Sherlock.  It has inspired this post if you haven’t caught on already and it has completely and utterly captivated me in wanting to be more clever.  It might sound a bit silly but it has had this effect on me to want to learn more.  Not just about myself but also about the world.  So if you would excuse me…

sherlock animated GIF

4.) I’m off to create a mind palace because my memory capacity is more like a one room apartment centered in the Tenderloin.  Cheers.


Our room and view at Pastor Munhko’s!

Because I cannot send fan mail to you yet because I just started following you, this reblog will have to do.  Hope you dont mind!

Hi Rebekah,

I just read most of your blog and I am thrilled and excited to hear about your mission now finally underway.  First off I would like to say sorry for not being able to get my car washed to help raise more funds for you to go on missions but it is what it is as of right now.   I know that it was hard and the work was tedious but that really showed how serious you were to reach God’s people.  If you can tell me how to help send funds to you that would great. Secondly, I am so excited to hear of your adventures and what great things you are doing out there so continue to do your best to keep your head above water because there will be many things you will face.  Remember that I told you that missions sort of open your eyes to the world around you and that it will definitely change your perspective on how you see ministry? Well here it all is and these are all lessons God wants you to go through so persevere!  Please keep us updated with the blog and remember to pray constantly.  As future prayer coordinator you will soon start to understand and realize just how important prayer can be if you really take the time to glorify God by trusting and obeying. Really try to understand his plans for you.  Never stop praying and trusting God because who can you really trust when you are in a foreign land and your teammates aren’t understanding what you are going through?  I remember I went through that when I was on missions too. Read [Proverbs 3] and when you get back we will discuss all about what you learned.  Remember to share your story at the end of the journey as well and we will discuss that in more detail later.  K have a good one and good luck!  -Will




I traveled for one month around California and I swear I saw the most breathtaking landscapes. It was a great experience to explorer new places, to try the local food and to meet new people. I got lucky enough to grab a few stills and I’m still working on a video.



Take me back

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Time to dust off the old blog for once.  

My mind has been restless after this whole weekend of the 40th anniversary and United.  It was the biggest event that needed to be planned, but by God’s grace we pulled it off.  Because it was so hectic these past weeks, I guess my mind and body aren’t used to all the down time that ensued after everyone packed their bags and left.  Not having to constantly stress about rides, housing, welcoming, hospitality, money, parking, etc. etc. etc… the feeling is bittersweet.  I know you might be asking why bittersweet, but it is because I had a purpose and goal that I had to accomplish.  Now that it’s all over, I don’t feel like doing anything anymore!  I find myself sitting and just staring into nothing and letting my mind go blank, not having to think about whats ahead or what is in the next coming weeks.  I really wasnt expecting this feeling after such a blessed event but now I find myself in another one of these slumps that never cease to puzzle me.  This adjustment period is going to be a tough one for sure….

On a really big side note, i’m sorry for all the things going on right now Boston.  I know that there is pain now, but in the coming weeks there will be lots of love and healing.


“For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”

-Hebrews 12:11

reminder from kt. I’m so tired of studying but I will discipline myself. 

reminder for the next couple of weeks

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Adam and Dog.  



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Be with Him before you are with anyone else.


How quickly i forget..

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Good night, California

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What kingdom hearts game is this from?

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